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Change &
Transformation Careers

The practice of change and transformation is fundamental to our operations as a business, we enable our client organisations to evolve and refine their operations

A fundamental shift in business operations requires forensic planning and foresight. We are at the forefront of the change and transformation sector and our opportunities provide hugely rewarding outcomes.

Our clients have relied upon Diligenta as an enabler towards a huge array of change and transformation programmes. Our support enables emphatic modernisation and evolution of systems and processes with some of the best known institutions around the UK, and we need ambitious and talented individuals to join our team.

What to Expect

  • A leading organisation

    Our business provides outsourcing services to some of the best known organisations in our sector, and we need team members to empower our service offering.

  • Ambitious and supportive teams

    We are built on a progressive and forward thinking culture of support and innovation.

  • A robust business with international reach

    We have well established roots and a stable setting in which to settle your next career move; our operations and business ties extend around the globe for a unique wealth of opportunity.